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tatteredxnxtorn's Journal

..>completely torn apart<..
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"I'm mad. You think it's all fun in games but I'm really mad. I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and I'm gonna be mad. I'm still gonna be mad when I wake up tomorrow. That's all I gotta say."

I'm mexican, asian, black,.......and John Travolta.

Jenn Rivell is Love.

Created by laylay

Bam Margera Is Love
a perfect circle, a.j. mclean, adam brody, adam sandler, adema, adio, alex chalmers, alice in chains, andrew w.k., animals, april, audioslave, backstreet boys, bag pipes, bam margera, beastman aids, bloodhound gang, bob burnquist, brandon dicamillo, brian sumner, bsb, bubble tea, bucky lasek, chiggin, chocolate, church of hate, cky, cky1, cky2k, cky3, cky4, cold, coldplay, colin mckay, couch tour, cradle of filth, croutons, daniel lioneye, death, destructo, dimmu borgir, disturbed, don vito, drums, eating, eighteen visions, element, fat boy face off, foo fighters, ganguro, gibsons, gir, grind, gum, h2, haggard, halo, heartagram, him, homestarunner, hoobastank, horses, in flames, invador zim, jackass, jason ellis, jesse fritsch, jim root, jimi hendrix, jimmy fallon, jimmy page, joey jordison, justiceforkurt.com, kerry getz, kevin staab, kill hannah, killswtich engage, kittie, korn, kris markovich, led zeppelin, lemonade, linkin park, lords of acid, lostprophets, mad tv, marilyn manson, mario, metallica, mike vallely, misfits, monster trucks, msi, murderdolls, music, nirvana, offspring, one step beyond, orgy, ozzy, p.o.d., pearl jam, phil, playing guitar, prodigy, puddle of mudd, purple bam adios, raab himself, rammstein, rick thorne, rob zombie, rodney mullen, ryan dunn, ryan gee, salad, shawn white, shrimp, skateboarding, sleeping, slipknot, soundgarden, stone sour, story of the year, sugarcult, system of a down, the beatles, the o.c., this much 10, tony hawk, tool, trapt, ville valo, viva la bam, west chester, white zombie, xbox